About us

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The POSITIVE WAVE  has experience of more than 9 years; individual employees have experience of over 20 years. Legal status of the organisation: Nonprofit organization. PLHIV to make key decisions in the organization.

Our mission is to make positive changes in the provision of equal access to health and social services for PLHIV northwestern regions of Russia, respecting their human rights and the creation of supportive environment. We believe that PLHIV should not be marginalized in their own country; they should be given access to all services. We believe that PLHIV should be involved in decisions that affect them. We value the uniqueness of each person and stick to the principle of equality in the provision of services to PLHIV on a non-discriminatory basis.

What we do

We protect the rights of PLHIV. We advocate equal access of PLHIV to medical and social services available in northwestern regions of Russia and high quality of these services.

  • The Positive Wave Foundation has been providing legal support to PLHIV for over 9 years. The Foundation has experience in rights enforcement in the court and development of informational and educational materials on advocacy of human rights.
  • We draft requests to regional authorities asking for participation of regional and municipal social support agencies in support of HIV+ females residing in Leningradskaya oblast and calling for equal participation of NPOs in decision making.
  • We gather and analyze data on availability and implementation of HIV prevention programmes and on social support to PLHIV available on regional and municipal level.
  • We have created a resource page for rights in the context of HIV.
  • We carried out educational activities for medical workers of 8  regions of Russia  on patient rights and Russian legislation with respect to HIV.
  • We conducted policy dialogs (roundtables) with regional and municipal authorities on observance of patient rights and ensuring access of PLHIV to medical and social services. Roundtables were conducted in 7 municipal territories of Leningradskaya oblast.

The Positive Wave Foundation is currently engaged in PLHIV rights advocacy project with scheduled termination in mid 2014. The project is funded by EU and includes the following deliverables: training and education of activists from North-West Russia; dissemination of information on protection of patients’ rights among medical professionals; work with legislative and executive bodies for refinement of legislation to secure rights of HIV+ individuals. The Foundation monitors observance of human rights, files claims on detected cases of rights violation, and supports policy dialogue with authorities in the matter of advocacy of human rights. Accumulated experience will be contributed toward and applied in proposed project. The management and staff of the Foundation include target group representatives (PLHIV) who are deeply engaged in key decision making which is also crucial to ensure effective projects deliverables.

We promote activism among PLHIV and access of PLHIV to decision making and assessment of HIV/AIDS prevention programmes

  • We train activists to participate in the system of non-medical services to PLHIV and implement positive prevention.
  • We conducted human rights trainings for PLHIV in 9 region of Russia (Moscow, Leningradskaya, Kostromskaya, and Riazanskaya oblasts, Saint — Petersburg and others)
  • We organized “Do Everybody Have Equal Rights?”  public campaign

We develop non-medical services to PLHIV residing in NWR territories.  We help advance professional qualification of NPOs in non-medical services rendering (with application of foreign experience).

We publish manuals and informational materials on development of non- medical services based on foreign experience.

  • In Kingisepp territory of Leningradskaya oblast, we develop model of social support of HIV+. We have created a center of social and psychological support for people living with HIV, staffed by a psychologist, a lawyer, a social worker.
  • We educate delegates of AIDS-service NPOs and socio-medical health institutions of NWR territories on rendering non medical services to PLHIV. In 2011, we educated representatives of 9 territories through our in-house developed training.
  • We educate staff of state social services of Leningradskaya oblast on core skills required for work with PLHIV.
  • In 2008-2010 with support from Russian Health Care Foundation we were engaged in direct services to PLHIV. We delivered peer consulting and seminars and training for PLHIV, distributed informational materials and provided support to a self-help group.
  • We are supporting a virtual community of HIV+ MSM
  • We were among the first to publish an informational leaflets about life with HIV prepared especially for HIV+ MSM in Russian.
  • In 2010 we delivered training for 35+ years old PLHIV residing in Leningradskaya oblast. Trainings were organized on the premises of health resorts and attendees were provided with per diem allowances (accommodation and meals expenses) for the entire period. Trainings provided important information and helped develop essential practical skills before starting anti-HIV therapy. Attendees could meet in the evenings and communicate informally. There were people who had never before discussed their HIV related problems. Some attendees made new friend, others even started new families.

The organization serves on average 500 HIV-positive people and their relatives a. Through distribution of various information materials and appearances in mass-media the organization additionally covers about 20,000 people a year.